> "Clepsydra" 1st track from the forthcoming album "Nico Guerrero, Live at the Nordic House", Release sept.01.2019 <




> New album : Nico Guerrero Live at the Nordic House Reykjavik <

The new album "Live at the Nordic House" will be released in CD/Digital on september 1st 2019 on Le Chant des Egrégores. You can now pre-order the digipack CD (6 panels) with 2 tracks downloadable immediately. The CD album version includes a "ghost track" recorded live in another magickal Icelandic space-time...


Nico Guerrero Live at the Nordic House


> New album : Nico Guerrero Live at the Nordic House Reykjavik <

Recorded in November 2018 during the AIRWAVES Reykjavik Festival, a highlight of the Icelandic music scene, this album captures the furious whirlwinds of fire that Nico invokes on stage with his sole electric guitarand his alchemical filters, transforming his chords into abstract organ clusters, a magickal wedding of harmonics.The performance was curated by the Nordic House Reykjavik for the Nordic Intimate Sessionsand consists of 54 minutes of brand new compositions (including a " ghost track" in the CD version). The album is produced by Nico Guerrero for "Le Chant des Egrégores". A limited edition CD Digipack 6 panels will be avalaible first in Iceland in july 2019 (Mengi, 12 Tonar...) and the first of september in France and abroad (record shops + bandcamp for CD order and Digital version).

You can pre-order the album now on bancamp!


tracks listing [Digital/CD]:

1. CLEPSYDRA.. 9'12

2. BLACKBURN.. 6'45


4. EKPYROSIS.. 8'32

5. A COLD CELL.. 8'30

+ hidden track on CD only


Total time 54'21

Nico Guerrero Live at the Nordic House Reykjavik


> Nico @ Airwaves Reykjavik Festival - the Nordic House 09.11.2018 <

Two days of intimate Nordic melancholy At the Nordic House off venue "An aural feast of solitary musicians clinging to their instruments and pouring their hearts out"


Nico Guerrero Nordic House Reykjavik


> "Disquieting mountain", short excerpt of a new music by Nico Guerrero, Live @ Mengi, Iceland - July 28. 2018 <



> Thank you Mengi people and friends <3 it was so great to play here again and be with you! <

Here a short short excerpt of a Coil cover, "A cold cell" Live @ Mengi, Iceland, July 28. 2018




> Videos of the 100 Guitars event of Rhys Chatham @ the beach of Le Havre, France <

Nico Guerrero & Jean-François Pauvros led the Tenor and Soprano sections


Rhys Chatham, Flamme D'Alban Hefin pour 100 guitares électriques AU HAVRE 2018. from Rhys Chatham on Vimeo


> Rehearsal & concert with the Rhys Chatham Ensemble (100 guitars) at the beach of le Havre on June 23rd <



> Rehearsal with the Rhys Chatham Ensemble (100 guitars) at Les Docks, le Havre on June 22rd <



> Nico Guerrero will conduct the Tenors section for the 100 guitars orchestra of Rhys Chatham at Le Havre, June 23 <

The US composer Rhys Chatham will play his new composition for 100 electric guitars "Flamme d'Alban Hefin" on the Havre beach on June 23rd at 11pm. This piece will be specially designed for the pagan celebration of the Sabbath of the night of the summer solstice. Come and join the Fire!



> Here a new instrumental piece for 5 electric guitars composed by Nico Guerrero, illustrating the "EN TO PAN" haïku <

from a beautiful Cd/Book project "HAIKU IRREGOLARI IN FORMA DI MUSICA" (Agorà & CO. 2017)written/edited by the Italian musician Aima Lichtblau. Support the Magick! Only 100 copies avalaible! 



> Improvisation Session by Nicolas Kunysz & Nico Guerrero the 6th of April 2018, Reykjavik, Iceland < 



> VORTEX paid A Tribute To Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (UPR 082) in a benefit compilation - CD released on Feb. 6th, 2018 <

Musical pioneer, cultural engineer, wrecker of civilization, anti-Pope of the Temple ov Psychic Youth and also merry prankster –Genesis Breyer P-Orridge is arguably one of the most important icons of Alternative Culture of the latter quarter of the 20th century and beyond.With Unknown Pleasures Records and some great artists, amazing musicians and true fans we want to pay homage to the work of GPOand provide unreleased covers of cult songs of THROBBING GRISTLE & PSYCHIC TV. Beautiful Artwork by Wladd Muta.

** All proceeds from the sales of the CD and digital version of our two TRIBUTE TO GENESIS BREYER P-ORRIDGE will go to aid Genesis P.O. and her triumph over leukemia.






> Nico Guerrero guest on Acoustic Cameras <

ACOUSTIC CAMERAS invites composers and sound artists to annex the real-time flow of webcams located in various places around the world.The flow of webcams is intercepted but not modified. The artist is invited to deliver a sound piece or piece of music related to this flow; This sound piece acting as a modification of reality.A proposal by Christophe Demarthe, co-edited by Optical Sound (Pierre Beloüin & P. Nicolas Ledoux) and la manufacture des Cactées (Didier Hochart & Thierry Weyd)



> Next stop: January 14 2017, Reykjavik, Iceland... <

... Nico will play new compositions for a solo performance at Mengi, Reykjavik!



> " Here an excerpt from the set that my friend Rhys Chatham and I played in a workshop at the Galerie 0fr, in Paris the 20 of November 2015 <

... exactly one week after the attacks of the Bataclan. It was a very strange and intense moment, led by the need to conjure through a kind of ritualthe feeling of sadness that invaded Paris (and our hearts). Music exists for this, it's a Magickal act that can appease and intensifyall the energies circulating in our entire being, to open and create other tangible dimensions of enlightenment." N.G. 



> October 10 2016, Nico performed for the Lowercase Nights #48 at Prikið in Reykjavik (IS) <

playing a live score over the beautiful movie "Le Révélateur" (1968) of the French director Philippe GarrelYou can listen it now the first part on Soundcloud




> Aima Lichtblau (Les Jumeaux Discordants, Aimaproject) & Nico Guerrero are preparing a new album <

inspired by the Orphic Hymns, sang in ancient Greek and orchestred with prepared guitar tuned in Phi. They plan a gorgeous concert in August 2017 on the Garda Lake (Italy), in the Gabriele d'Annunzio Foundation!



> Definitively, the new album of VORTEX will be recorded in October 2016 in Iceland at the foot of the Snæfellsjökul volcano <



> Nico Guerrero & Nicolas Kunysz - The Croft (Excerpt Video, live session @ Stofan, Reykjavik 19.07.2016) <

--- In loving memory of Alan Vega ---The all session on Soundcloud -> The Croft (Nico Guerrero & Nicolas Kunysz Live)




> Nico Guerrero & Nicolas Kunysz from Lady Boy Records will perform live this July 19 @ Stofan Reykjavik <



> Vortex - The Last Flames - Live @ Détail, Paris Feb. 2016 <

The Last Flames track from the "Eksaïphnès" Lp album (Les Disques du Soleil et de l'Acier - 2000)




> Excerpt of the last solo concert of Nico Guerrero @ Détail in Paris, saturday 23 January 2016! <



> New instrumental piece for 3 electric guitars, The Snæfell King [previously unreleased] composed by Nico Guerrero <

Played for the first time during a performance of Vortex @ Mengi, Reykjavik - Iceland, the 27 of March 2015




> Nico Guerrero + Aima Lichtblau + Arthur Geffroy recorded a cover of Nico's song "You Forget to Answer" <

They played it together during a live session the 13 of Feb. 2016 @ Détail, Paris

Aima Lichtblau: voice, overtone harp / Nico Guerrero: prepared electric guitar / Arthur Geffroy: electronics




> Vortex feat. NG, Aima Lichtbau & Villa Vide, for a special-Magickal-friendly concert Feb 13 2016 @ Détail Paris! <



> Nico Guerrero and his burning Gibson guitar for a solo show @ Détail in Paris, saturday 23 January 2016! <

Adam H. and Undress will be opening with very electric performances / Don't miss it! / Love / doors open at 8:00 p.m.



> New cover of the COIL song "A Cold Cell" performed and arranged by Nico Guerrero <

Recorded @ Scories Studio (Fr) Jan 2016




> Workshop @ 0fr Galerie (Paris) where Rhys Chatham & Nico played their duo the 20 of November 2015 <

Ghosts harmonies were there... Ready for the next year!



> First part of the Nico Guerrero & Rhys Chatham duo, live @ Détail in Paris (02.07.2015) <

Rhys plays the alto/bass flute in C and Nico plays with his red Gibson guitar and filters.




> For the first time, Nico Guerrero and Rhys Chatham will play duo the 2 of July in Paris! <

Conceived as an organic magic, their music slowly fills the space and permeates his audience in depth.This sonic journey promises to be unique!Rhys will be playing on trumpet, guitar in the Pythagorean intonation, and alto/bass flute in C;Nico on electric guitar, filtered by various electronic treatments.Don't miss them!!! Here the place!


July 02 2015 @ Détail - 78 boulevard de Belleville (Milord), 75020 Paris / p.a.f. 8€


> In May 2015, Nico Guerrero began a fascinating musical collaboration with the American composer Rhys Chatham,guitarist and trumpet player, primarily active in avant-garde and minimalist music and Known best for his "guitar orchestra".Two magic and powerful sessions had been recorded at the recording studio of Rhys! <



> May 17. 2015, Vortex live @ Le Buzz , Paris <

It was a long time, Paris... 



> March 27. 2015 @ Mengi, Reykjavik - Iceland <

Vortex is excited to announce an upcoming concert at Mengi, Reykjavik/Iceland, new compositions will be played and recorded specially for this performance!



> February 20. 2015 @ la PHILHARMONIE DE PARIS, France <

Nico Guerrero will be playing in the GLENN BRANCA Ensemble for the World Premiere of Symphony No. 16 (Orgasm)



> January 24. 2015, VORTEX Live @ LIGERA, MILANO, with NG and Luca Valisi <

(in association with BLUE HOUR, M'AMO LIFESTYLE and ASCENSION magazine)


drawing by Guillaume Favroult


> VORTEX "HORNS OF JERICHO", new single on Shinto records 2011 <

"At its heart, Music for the Rising Sun is an international community effort. Musicians from around the globe have donated time, passion and inspiration for the benefit of Japan. It is our sincere desire that our music will inspire others to give to those in need. We also wish for the people of Japan to feel our compassion and support during this unimaginable trial."
- Released 15 July 2011 / Coordinated by Aaron Russell / Mastered by Oni Sakti -


- As the Red Cross is no longer accepting donations specific to Japan Tsunami relief we are no longer accepting donations -


> December Daydream cover of a The Cure brilliant song "Cold" (1982) < 



> Nico Guerrero will be part of the Rhys Chatham Ensemble for a "surprise" concert at PALAIS DE TOKYO (Paris), nov 14 2012 <

Infos Palais de Tokyo


Rhys Chatham & the musicians: Jean-François Pauvros, Nico Guerrero, Xavier Boussiron, FredOx, Fab Smith (on drums), Francis Pierot (on bass), Rémi Alexandre, Stéphane Milochevitch, Jean-Sébastien Mariage, Adam Hocker, Jean-Baptiste Tandé.photos © José Costa


> Vortex Live @ MAC/VAL, sept.16 2012 <

Vortex is invited by the Mac/Val Museum (France) to participate in the "You Don't Love Me Yet" film project & live tour by the artist Johanna Billing. Vortex will play a new version of 'You Dont Love Me Yet', originally written and performed by Roky Erickson (13th Floor Elevators).

Here the VIDEO & INFOS



> The Vortex "Coriolis Project" is out now <

Release in June 2012 of "Coriolis Project", experimental works originally recorded in 2006 and based on guitar/vocal loops.1/ Samsãra (14'42)
2/ Feu [-] (17'38)
3/ Chiasma #2 (9,19)You can download this album on itunes / amazon / bandcamp ...




> The seminal and infuential VORTEX album "Eksaïphnès", originally released on "Les Disques du Soleil et de l'Acier", is now available on VORTEXPLACE Bancamp! <



> Excerpt of Vortex "Théléma" (2010) <

video filmed @ Jokulheimar Desert / Iceland 2010
Music recorded live @ Darius Milhaud theater, Paris 2008, from the "Anti-Expander" performance.



> Cover of the Philip Glass "Opening" piece by Nico Guerrero (unreleased) <

Version with electric quitar quartet




> Vortex live on french TV, "Des Mots de Minuit", France 2 (02.06.2002) <




> Vortex "Bois de cerf", Live @ Les Voûtes Paris (2004) <




MATERIAE MELANCOLIA (2011-2012) is a new collection of 3 experimental videos in HD format. Each are made of 3 layers of sensitive stimulations :
- A video with an increased saturation of colors shows altered / decaying / transforming matters in reversed slow motion.
- An enigmatic poems named "Karu" is read by an incomprehensible voice in the background. For understanding, the text is embedded as subtitle.
- Soundscape of direct sounds and original musical composition are mixed (with electric prepared guitars). In a synaesthetic way, these 3 mediums bind the texture of images to a strange feeling of spleen. Here is the 1st HD Materiae Melancolia video.



> SAMSÃRA, Creation Nico Guerrero<

Le Dansoir Karine Saporta, Paris 15.04.2009


> LA FRANGE INDECISE, Co-creation Sylvia Hillard & Nico Guerrero (2007) <

Excerpt video @ L'Atelier de Paris Carolyn Carslon



> LA FRANGE INDECISE (the Undefined Border) 2007 <

co-creation Sylvia hillard & Nicolas Guerrero - excerpt from the promotional DVD, realized with the support of SACD



> Sound installations by Nico for "La Frange Indécise" (2007) <

Workshop @ Centre National de la Danse-CND (Pantin, France)